10 Essential Ways To Market Your Food Truck Business Now

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10 Essential Ways To Market Your Food Truck Business Now

If you are planning on opening a food truck today, you will need some creative ways to market your food truck business. Do you want to know how you can run a food truck business successfully?


Well to run any business successfully, you have to follow basic marketing rules and strategies to target customers. The same is the case with the food truck business as well.


The food truck business is not just about riding a vehicle on roads and selling delicious food meals. To make your business successful, you should create a proper business plan and learn some marketing techniques.


Most new food business owners want to know if operating a food truck is profitable. To successfully grow your food truck business, it is essential to follow basic marketing strategies and create a robust business plan.

Food Truck Marketing Plan: Strategies to Supercharge Your Business - AppInstitute

Below we have a detailed explanation of how to market a food truck through major marketing strategies:

Table of Contents

Strategy No 1: Food Porn

In any food business, the first marketing strategy which you need to follow is to take food pictures. You might have been following different food pages on Instagram. This shows the value and importance of food photography for starting a successful food business.


Logging onto different Instagram food pages will make you understand that food porn is still alive and well. To promote your food truck business online, you should pay attention to high-quality food photos.


Hiring a professional photographer will give your food photos an impressive look. You can even adopt a DIY style with your mobile phone.

Strategy No 2: Use of Instagram Channel

Another major marketing strategy for your food truck business is the use of the Instagram channel. Giving your food truck business a vast Instagram presence will eventually help your business to grow successfully amid food truck industry competition.


You can use Instagram to promote your food truck business on social media. You can show off your whole truck, interact with your customers, and use the stage of social media to play around with your brand.


In the same way, you can also use the platforms of Facebook, Gmail accounts, emailing system, Twitter, and so on. Distributing banners and making colorful posters is also an incredible marketing technique.

A Guide to Starting a Food Truck Business - businessnewsdaily.com

Strategy No 3: Loyalty Programs

A successful food truck marketing plan should be based on online food apps to target more customers towards your services.


You can get in touch with successful online app companies to grab the attention of maximum customers. This will encourage your customers to check your food truck through various loyalty programs.


With the help of loyalty programs, visitors will get discounts or purchase for visiting your app so many times. The top 2 famous loyalty program apps are:

  • Belly
  • LevelUp


Plus, you do have a choice where you can also hand over punch cards. Although they are not as valuable as apps, they still show that you do value your old/new food truck customers.

Strategy No 4: Yelp

Yelp is a top recommended element in the foodservice industry. Having a powerful backing of successful Yelp reviews can show wonderful results for your food truck business.


The best thing about Yelp is that people will review you, no matter even if you haven’t set-up an account. In this scenario, as an owner of a food truck business, you will take full control of your account.


You have to include full details, including:

  • Photos
  • Menu
  • Typical Hours
  • Price Range


Besides, as you start using Yelp, you will be able to learn how you can handle the feedback. Yelpers will provide you with some reviews which are both negative and positive.


In case, you get a positive review, you should respond in a sweet and welcoming gesture. But with a negative review, you should always answer professionally and politely.

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Strategy No 5: Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your business website and business profile on Google Search and Maps 


You can connect with your customers, post updates, and see how your customers are interacting with your business on Google.

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Strategy No 6: Sending an Email Newsletter

The next most crucial food truck marketing strategy is to send email newsletters. Very few food business owners will use this strategy because understanding its basic concept is a little tricky.


You don’t need to invest massive money by publishing your food truck newsletter every week. You can instead send an email newsletter to your customers every month or so. They will more appreciate this.

You can make use of your email newsletter to celebrate your business success, discuss some new menu items, or share upcoming new discounts.

Strategy No 7: Monitoring Your Social Media Presence

Performing any food truck marketing strategy through social media platforms is becoming an undeniable force these days. In the same way, any food truck business with a powerful social media presence will gain the attention of more customers.


It would not be wrong to say that in the current competitive market of the mobile food industry, neglecting the presence of social media is equal to a death sentence.


To share your business details, you have to create your own business Twitter account or some Facebook business pages. But once you have set-up the account, make sure you update it regularly and let your customers know about your latest deals and discount offers.


For successfully monitoring your social media presence, you can use some paid or free social media management tools. One most recommended and free options are HootSuite. This app provides you with a dashboard to keep tabs on all social media networks.

Food Truck

Strategy No 8: Food Blogger Outreach

It is quite common that as a new food truck owner, it might be a little daunting for you to build a hype of your food truck business and attract customers. In this scenario, the best way would be to take help from well-known food bloggers.


You can invite food bloggers at your food truck corner and offer them a free meal for positive feedback. If that food blogger has millions of followers, then obviously it will be easy for your food truck sales and business to reach a more crowd.


You can politely ask the food blogger if they can review your food business and share their whole experience online. A single mention of your food truck name by a famous food blogger will be a successful promotional activity for your business.

Strategy No 9: Offer Coupons & Discounts

To attract more customers to your food truck business, you should provide some exciting discounts and coupons.


Be honest and friendly with your old/new customers. Don’t push them to visit your food truck again and again.


Interact with them through email newsletters to inform them about your latest deals. For your all-new email newsletter subscribers, you can offer a free dish or free menu coupons.

Strategy No 10: Fish Bowl Business Card Giveaways

The last most important strategy for any food truck marketing is to tie yourself within old school restaurant marketing. This marketing technique is known as fishbowl promotion.


You can allow customers to drop their business cards into a bowl for a quick raffle. The reward can be different. Apart from raffles fun, you do have a choice to use those business cards simply by emailing customers.


Although they did not win, still you can ask them to sign up for the newsletter to get notified for the next chance or fun entry!

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What to spend on marketing for food trucks first year?

For any new food truck business owner, it is important to figure out how much they will spend in the starting year of their business marketing.


Generally, it can cost you between $28,000 to around $114,000. This budget plan will help you to run your food truck business successfully.


An average earning for a food truck business can be around $300,000 per year. Starting your set-up of business is hugely rewarding if it is a big success. How much you will spend and earn through your business is also based on your market audience.


As you craft your food truck business plan, you should ask yourself what category or age of audience you want to target first. Mostly the food truck industry has been targeting the audience of middle-class millennials.


According to a recent survey report, 43% of the food truck spending every month is through the age group of 25-to 44-year-olds. An additional 25% of the spending is coming from the customers in the age group of 25.

What are the main modes of marketing a food truck business?

Your food truck marketing plan should be based on the below-mentioned modes:

  • Branding.
  • Social Media.
  • SEO & Adwords.
  • Online Listings.
  • Online ordering platforms.
  • Email & SMS.
  • Branded loyalty programs.
  • Influencer marketing.

Weak inventory management or underestimated cost of food items will lead your food truck business to failure.


You can never run a business until and unless you have not done proper planning of your budget spending. Decide how much you will spend in the first 3 months and what will be spending on the future advertisement.


Most of the food truck owners often devise a method to gain more profit by providing excellent catering services.


Make sure your food truck business is not just restricted to meals service only. You should expand your services to catering or even party food as well. This will help your food truck business to grow even more and gain better customer value.

How long does the initial marketing promotion of a food truck take?

To successfully grow your food truck business, it is essential to follow basic marketing strategies and create an effective business plan.


It is impossible to decide an accurate time frame to choose the initial marketing promotion of a food truck business. Your efforts, hard work, and passion for the business set-up will determine the promotion time frame.


Generally, the initial marketing promotion of a food truck will take almost 8 months to 1 year. Such an approximate time frame is acceptable if in case you have an effective business plan.


If any business owner is less on their budget plan, then obviously they have to leave their marketing promotion in the middle of the way. So deciding, a proper budget plan will also play an equally important role.

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Additional Tips

  • You can contact local organizations to let them know about your food truck business. Please make a list of all those organizations and make a direct call to offer them your food truck services for meetings and parties.
  • Interacting with hotels and food cafes will benefit you a lot. You can make good terms with friends who are associated with the food market. Plus, you can contact hotel staff, tour guides, event coordinators, and so on.
  • Keep a friendly body language with your customers. This trait will show your professionalism towards your business.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, these were a few basic and essential food truck marketing strategies that you can follow for a successful food truck business growth.

Although following these strategies will be a little uneasy for the newbie food owners, but they are worth carrying out for your business growth.

You can get in touch with a few successful food truck companies to figure out what sort of strategies they have adopted.

Research what your competitors are doing and try to mimic them.

Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to leave something for you. If you have any experience that you would like to share or want to leave a comment or a question. Leave them below and I will certainly get back in a timely manner.


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Chuck Adkins


  1. Hi Chuck, a brilliant list of 10 essential ways for marketing a new food truck business. As a former multi-franchise food-service brand owner, I can really appreciate these strategies! Let me add a big one for you: experiential marketing!!! While there aren’t enough words in a blog comment to go into too much detail, give this a Google – wow! I have grown some of my businesses the largest through cheap, guerrilla-style marketing campaigns that draw people’s attention and grab some media shares! 

    • I like it. To me, guerrilla-style is the best way to go for a small business. I think experimental marketing can play a huge role and can be cheaper per click.

  2. this is again a wonderful business model to me. and a rare marketing model to practice. I went through the key points you mentioned in doing your business and thought of applying them to by child care business as well.

    strategies like talking to local organizations and authorities is an applicable method to market my business as well.

    • That’s a great idea most of the strategies will transfer to other businesses. Good luck with your child care business. Thank you for reading

  3. Hi There Chuck, What an beautiful piece, lovely article. This is so chocked full with useful information. Glad to have come across your detailed ways to marketing my food truck business. I really cannot wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources you have presented to me. Your exuberance is refreshing

    • Thank you for the compliment. Good luck with your business I hope I could help. Thanks for reading

  4. Though not really the kind of niche I belong to but then, it never hurts to garner ideas all around and you my friend, have just offered the best for me here. The way you presented this and the tips are really central and great to see too. I like this and will definitely make a good use of them. Thanks 

    • Your welcome, Thanks for reading. I hope you were able to take a nugget or two away. Keep me posted.

  5. This essentially shows us that things have changed in our world today and if we are to truly attain the success we want to attain online then one way that it is possible is through being able to use some very good marketing strategies that will help like using social media and creating newsletter like you have pointed out here. These are tips I will look to use myself for sure.

    • That’s great I hope the tips work well for you. Keep me updated on your progress. Thanks for reading

  6. Wow this was really nice and I found it very interesting because I have been thinking of starting my food truck business for a while long time now and I came across this which made me smile a whole lot. It was indeed a top notch write up I worked recommend this for anyone to go through

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