10 Intriguing Police Officer Jobs To Work After Retirement

10 Intriguing Police Officer Jobs To Work After Retirement

Finding police officer jobs after retirement could make for challenging times. If you think about it You have worn a gun and a protective vest most of your life. Now you wake up on Monday morning and now you no longer need that vest

Police Officer

There is now an empty space in the driveway where your cruiser used to sit. Hopefully, you don’t need to look over your shoulder anymore.

As with any job that you do for a long period of time, there will be an adjustment period. Your life might seem upside down for a period of time.

I have interviewed some police officers that moved to a different city in order to create a whole new identity. That is a huge deal and can also be a scary ordeal.

As you already know. Your life as a police officer was probably filled with many tasks that can carry over into the civilian world. Here are a few intriguing jobs that can be an easy transition to your new life.

Dog Trainer

Dog Training

While dog training may not be high on your list of possibilities, The need for dog trainers is growing rapidly. Some of your police training has already involved training dogs.

For instance, working with dogs takes a lot of patience and a calm demeanor. You have developed that skill while you were on the force.

There is plenty of formal training that can be accomplished to develop your skills even further. Becoming a dog trainer is a satisfying and rewarding second career.

Firearms Instructor

As a police officer, you have handled a weapon for most of your adult life. That being said there is a growing need for firearm instructors to teach the public how to handle and store a firearm safely.

Many Americans see consider owning a firearm a constitutional right. However, most have no idea what they are doing when it comes to owning a firearm.  So they need firearm training.

As you probably have already seen most people are very careless.

I will share a quick story to prove my point. When I was about 13 years old I went over to a friends house I knocked on the door and he said to come in when I opened the door he had a pistol pointed at my head.

Obviously, I freaked out. I still remember his face when he said HaHa I am just playing around it is not loaded. Well turns out it was not only loaded there was a bullet in the chamber.

One-click and I probably wouldn’t be writing this. He had found his dad’s gun in the dresser and was playing around with it.

After many years on the force, I am sure that you have come across something like this story and I know that sometimes that story doesn’t end so well.

So you can see how a firearms instructor has a great need and an easy fit for your second career.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers are the heartbeat of the world. Without trucks, the stores would not be filled with merchandise, buildings could not be built and cars would sit on the side of the highway because of no gas.

The need for truck drivers is constantly growing. Think about how the open road and traveling while not behaving to worry about the stressful job you once had.

This could be a welcome change.

Insurance Fraud Investigator

Did you know that insurance fraud accounts for at least $80 billion of stolen money from American consumers annually?

That is $80 Billion with a “B”. Non-medical insurance fraud accounts for about $40 Billion of that every year.

So needless to say, the skills that you have developed over the years will come in handy as an insurance fraud investigator. Insurance companies in general would love to have you working in their corner to help prevent this abuse.

Loss Prevention

Ask yourself, during your life as a cop how many times were you called to a retail establishment for a shoplifting case. Be it a store employee or an actual shoplifter

Retail shrink as it is known by the retail industry accounts for $61.7 billion annually. Retailers are always looking for retired police officers to hire as their loss prevention specialists.

You will be doing almost the exact same job as you did as a police officer however, you will get paid better in most cases.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

We have all seen the reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter on TV.  Even though Dog is an exaggerated version of what a bounty hunter does.

The truth is bail enforcement can be satisfying. As a bounty hunter Miranda rights do not exist. You can cross state lines and operate without a warrant.

However, some states require licensing and registration keep in mind there are some states that do not allow bounty hunting. Kentucky, for instance, does not allow bounty hunting.

Movie Consultant

Have you ever dreamed of being a Hollywood star? While working as a movie consultant may not get your face on the big screen you can get your name in lights.

A cool police officer job after you retire is working as a consultant on the set of major movie production. Many times ex-police officers are used to ensure the storyline is accurately portrayed.

You could very well rub elbows with the stars in the movie by teaching them things like holding a firearm, confronting a suspect, or speaking to a police chief behind closed doors.

The best part about consulting work is you can set your own schedule.


Body Guard

Personal security of celebrities, political leaders, and business executives, is a great position for a retired police officer to earn a living after your public service.

You can protect anyone in danger of assault, kidnapping, and or harassment. You could be needed to design escape routes, searching vehicles, or preventing someone from getting too close to your client.

Because of your previous skills, you would only need to keep up your physical fitness to be a success in this career.

Real Estate agent

While becoming a real estate agent is on the opposite scale of a police officer it is still a great career choice.

If you are looking for something totally different as well as setting your own hours consider a real estate career. Since working with the public and showing compassion when needed is a trait that you have learned over the years.

Retired police officers make great real estate agents.

Security consultant

Many corporations are concerned with security in Today’s world. From cybersecurity to personnel security, a security consultant can play a major role in identifying loopholes and security breaches within a corporation.

Things like active shooter drills to showing employees how to protect themselves in the parking lot are important elements in the corporate world. You have developed these skills over the years as a police officer.

As I mentioned before the best part of a consulting job is working your own schedule.

Final Thoughts

So in conclusion, you can see that there are many options available if you choose to have another career after your many years of dedicated service to the public.

Police officer jobs after retirement can be exciting and challenging. This will be a new chapter in your life. embrace the change and enjoy the ride.

I have given you many options however, this list is far from complete. Take some time to adjust while you choose your perfect second career. Good luck.

Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to leave something for you. If you have any experience that you would like to share or want to leave a comment or a question. Leave them below and I will certainly get back in a timely manner.

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  1. I work in a clinic, so I have met many patients who used to be police officers that retired and ended up doing something entirely different. I have even met one that changed careers to become an auto mechanic. I figured it would be a huge learning curve for a police officer to shift into jobs that doesn’t involve “combat” and “law enforcement”. I guess I was wrong since I totally didn’t think about dog training. That is pretty darn cool since that sounds like a lot of fun. I am not sure about body guards. Imagine watching an obnoxious celebrity’s back 24/7? No, thank you. I think your final alternative makes more sense. The world nowadays runs on the internet, so to be able to earn money online while being at home would be my personal top choice. Can you tell me more about wealthy affiliate? I would like to know more. Thanks in advance.

    • Thank you it comes down to thinking outside the box when you are choosing a new career after spending a long time doing one job for many years. I agree I am not sure I would want to be a bodyguard either. I’m sure someone would say something snobby to me and then they would need a body to protect them from me. 

      Concerning your question about Wealthy Affiliate I can personally say I have never found such a great group of people that believe in the same thing. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting products for other companies. This is done mainly via a website that you build and own. The training is top-notch and support is awesome you are never left with questions. This is by far the best program that I have found to work from home that truly works. You can find out more by clicking this link: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c

      I hope I answered your questions if not please contact me. Thank you for reading and your comments.

  2. What a great post I just read! I love how you put our men and women in blue first! I do love the jobs that you have listed and I am sure many other people like it too. Were you a police officer? I think being a police officer is a great job for some but not me (Going to become a CNA) But I don’t hate those who want to do this job at all, I feel great pride seeing those who are willing to put their lives in hards way. 

    • I was not a police officer I did retire from the US Navy some years ago I have several friends that have retired from the police force as well as some still serving. I support anyone that serves be it the Military, Police, Fire, or EMS, Good luck becoming a CNA I believe you will succeed. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi there,

    I couldn’t agree more. There’s certainly life after retirement for anyone, more so for a Police officer. We live in a bad ”neighborhood” globally nowadays. Security duties have never been in more demand than now. One of my Uncles retired as a Police officer some years ago. He immediately took up an offer to be a security consultant to a major organization and is doing very well. He has since been elevated and he is now the head of that organization’s security network. How about that for having a second work life.

    I appreciate your time in creating this piece of informative content. Keep up the good work buddy!


    • Thank you for your input. Your story about your uncle was uplifting proving that no matter what age you start you can rise to the top. All you have to do is believe

  4. Great article you have here and thank you for sharing such an informative article. Truth is I have never been a police officer before. But there is a number of jobs that one can do after retirement and above all the mentioned Jobs, the key to it is enjoying what ever you are doing.

    • I do agree if you enjoy what you do then it is not really considered work. You can be anything you want to be when you want to be. Thanks for reading and sharing 

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