Best Ways To Make Money Online With A Small Investment

Best Ways To Make Money Online With A Small Investment

Hi there friends, today I want to talk about ways to make money online with a small investment.

Make Money Online

With technology today gone are the days of having to cut grass all summer just put gas in your car. It is easy to earn money online if you have a desire to learn a little bit of knowledge before you start.

Earning money online also requires a bit of research to avoid scams.

Keep in mind that not all free training is worth the money. With that said, you will find several training programs that are free to start but will charge a fee once you get into the program.

Think about this if you don’t like the free portion of a training course don’t spend your money thinking it will get better.

Are you ready to get started? Well, what are you waiting for? Start reading.

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Start a Podcast

Pod Cast

Podcasts are becoming one of two main side hustles on the internet today. What is a podcast?

I don’t know about you but up until a couple of years ago, I had no idea what a podcast was.

Turns it is basically a talking blog. You find a niche, do some research, make your podcast, and upload it to a service.

Sounds easy right? Just like most side hustles it does take a little time for your podcast to catch on.

And as you can guess it does take a little investment to start out. For example. You will need to invest in a good microphone and maybe a camera.

And of course, you will need some training and a place to upload your podcast like Amazon podcast.

Become a Star

Youtube Star

Have you ever thought about seeing yourself on the big screen? Well, it is easier to put your face on a smaller screen such as a computer or phone.

I am talking about Youtube. With the exception of the cost of a video camera, It cost nothing to start a youtube channel.

In fact, Youtube has its own set of videos to teach you how to brand yourself on Youtube.

Youtube makes all of its money from advertisers which allows you to become a star with a very small investment.

Just as a podcast you will need a niche that you are comfortable talking about in front of the camera.

You don’t need to be a professional at the beginning and you will get better in front of the camera with time.

So, go out there and be a star baby.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog is one of the best ways to make money online with a small investment.

If you enjoy writing more than talking in a camera or recording your voice, then becoming a blogger will satisfy your need to write.

However, writing a blog is a bit more costly than Youtube or Podcasts. Your main cost here is the cost of a website.

Your website is the avenue that you use to reach your audience. Writing a blog, recording a podcast, and making a video all have one thing in common.

That is your make money through affiliate marketing. So, when you write your blog, not only are you helping someone with the requested information,  you are also presenting a product to sell that you will earn a commission if the sale goes through.


Write an ebook


Perhaps you have a favorite hobby or you have a skill that might interest someone. Or maybe you have a special story you tell your children at night.

Then writing an ebook will come easy to you. An ebook can be written in your spare time and can be published through Amazon Kindle Publishing.

Amazon does charge you a commission on every sale. Which is fine when you think about the size and reach of Amazon.

You have a better chance of selling more books through Amazon.

Take a picture

Do you love taking pictures? Most people spend a lifetime taking pictures without realizing that some of those pictures can be sold online for a profit.

If you think about you probably have one of those great shots that you shared with all of your friends on social media that everyone loved.

You can sell those stock pictures to companies such as Alamy, Crestock, 500px, 123rf, and others like Clashot, EyeEm, and Scoopshoot.

There are many more that will pay for good photography. If you already own a great camera sort of like the one on your new smartphone that you got for Christmas. There is a very little cost if any to start making money online.


Ok, maybe you are saying this great Chuck, but I don’t want to go through the trouble of writing a blog or publishing my own ebook.

However, I do like writing what can I do? Well, I am glad you asked.

You can freelance your work and get paid without going through the trouble of creating a blog.

Companies like Fiverr.com and Upwork.com have customers that are looking for someone to be a ghostwriter for a book or blog.

No Small Task


Alright, let’s say you are not interested in writing, filming, or recording. Because that is not your cup of tea.

But, you do like performing tasks or running errands. You might want to consider putting furniture together, or other tasks for people.

You can search the gigs section of Craigslist. or even Facebook marketplace. There is always someone looking for some help and they are willing to pay for your services.

You probably will not get rich this way but, you will have some extra money in your pocket and you will feel good about yourself knowing that you helped someone in need.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have that is my take on ways to make money online with a small investment.

This list is by far complete there are literally thousands of ways to legitimately earn money on the internet.

The one thing you always need to be on the lookout for is someone trying to scam you. If it sounds like it is a “too good to be true deal”, chances are it is.

Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to leave something for you.

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By for now, look for other articles to come soon.


If you have any experience that you would like to share or want to leave a comment or a question.

Leave them below and I will certainly get back in a timely manner.

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Chuck Adkins


  1. I’m glad I came across this post as I currently blog myself but I always thought about doing a podcast as well but it was always just a thought. I like the fact that you said it’s basically like a talking blog because it simplified it for me. I often over complicate things in my head. I’ll definitely look in to after reading this.

    • Hey, thanks for reading. See I sparked something in your head. Now maybe you will push yourself and expand. Don’t worry you are not alone when it comes to over complicating things. I have the same problem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are all great ways to make money online you have provided great information on the subject and give lots of good ideas that would be helpful to people who are just starting out in the online world. Thanks for providing this helpful insight and advice keep up the good work. 

    All the best,


  3. Hello, Wow! I can see you have been building out your site for a while, I too found Wealthy Affiliate and would recommend them to anyone and everyone. 

    You have some great information on your website, and I can see many that would benefit from reading some of your articles.

    All the ideas mentioned to make money online are great and I do many of them myself.

    Excellent website, a great read, and well done…

    • Thanks for reading I appreciate the compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the article

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