How To Learn From Home Now That Schools Are Closed

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How To Learn From Home Now That Schools Are Closed

With everything going on in today’s world. There is a good chance your children are trying to figure out how to learn from home. I’m sure this is has been trying on your nerves.


So, what if this is the new normal? How do you juggle work and ensure that your kids are learning properly?

How to learn from home

That is to say, for older kids, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, the younger kids are now home while you are trying to go to work. This can present a financial burden for most families.


Due to the fact if you need to leave the house to go to work then you will need to hire a sitter to ensure your younger children are learning. Here are some tips and thoughts on how learning from home might help.

Table of Contents

Change in the TIdes

Changing tides

Change is the hardest event for most people to accept in life. It is human nature to be set in our ways so to speak. Let’s just say it is easier to go with the flow than to change with the tides.


But, change happens all around us every day. Sometimes without notice. So, now we are faced with a major change in our lifestyles.


And it is extremely hard to adjust for some. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this major change in the school systems might be a long term problem.

Schools are Closed

School Closed

Back in the pre-internet age, schools were very important for acquiring an education. Homeschooling was almost unheard of so, going to school was the only way to get an education.


However, in today’s world given today’s technology is the fact that schools are closed a bad thing? I mean let’s face it other than the extracurricular activities, social interaction what else is a school building providing?


A place to watch your kids while you go to work? A lot of taxes are paid to maintain school buildings these days. Not to mention, with the growth of communities even more schools will be needed.


Therefore the taxes will go up to pay for the new schools. It seems like a never-ending battle for me.  So now that the schools are closed perhaps we need to take a serious look at the fact of whether or not schools are needed anymore.


I’m not crazy or trying to push an agenda here. However, since schools are closed our children are learning in a way that matches technology. Schools books have already been placed online, and the kids already have computers or tablets.

Distant Learning

My grandson is three years old and I have always made the joke that he will know more at the age of seven than I probably know today.


That statement is quickly becoming fact. Technology is moving at such a great rate of speed, today’s youth are the only ones that have the stamina to keep up.


It is no secret that distant learning has become a real thing over the last few years. Colleges have been scrambling to increase the number of students they enroll every year via distant learning.


It has proven to be a cheaper option for colleges to provide distant learning. Fewer facilities are needed. Driving down costs, that doesn’t mean that tuition has gone down for some reason it has increased each year.


Never the less distant learning is growing daily in popularity.

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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities in schools have been growing each year to the point I feel like more emphasis is placed on these activities than the actual learning itself.


Not to take away any credit from the teachers. However, it is no secret that some or most of these so-called extracurricular activities bring in a significant amount of funding each year to the school systems.


Is the funding the only reason they are pushed so hard? What is actually being taught in these activities?


Some would argue the fact that discipline and work ethics are being taught. I will agree with that to a point. However, if you think about it, we as parents, are in a sense paying to have discipline and work ethic instilled in our children from someone other than the parents.

Extracurricular Activities

Social interaction

People, in general, need social interaction in life and kids need it, even more, to help develop social skills. I think everyone will agree with that statement.


That being said, a few years ago before technology took over our lives when you didn’t go to school to have social interaction. You were there to learn.


You socialized in between classes, during lunch, and after school. In comes the invention of the cell phone and the internet. Now in today’s classrooms, most kids have a cell phone in their pocket and a tablet or computer instead of books.


This gives students the opportunity to social interact all day.

What’s the Solution?

I am not sure if there is a solution to this problem as of yet. I would be interested to hear other thoughts on this subject. That being said, we are faced with a dilemma that is not going away anytime soon.


So I have come up with a few ways to help you with the new normal of learning from home.

Have a designated study area.

Having a quiet area that is designated for learning will increase your child’s chances of success.


This space needs to be organized so that everything that your child needs are quickly accessible this will prevent distractions and excuses for doing the required work.

Stay on schedule

Stay on Schedule

Having a schedule is important. Your child had a schedule while he was in school. He had a specific place to be at a specific time. It is important to develop a similar schedule

Incorporate breaks in the schedule

Designing short breaks in your schedule will prevent frustration. Try to schedule a 5-minute break for every 20 -25 minutes of learning.


Setting a timer will help ensure breaks are taken. I recommend taking a longer break every couple of hours.

Stay on Task

Just because your kids are home does not mean this is an opportunity to schedule vacations or to spend quality time with your child. Their education is very important and they need to realize that school is still a priority.


By showing your child that you are taking this situation seriously he will develop the same feelings.

Use the Support System

There are many support systems available to help you with your child’s study. Your school system should be your first line of defense. The faculty and teachers are available for help when needed.


Most are using zoom for live classroom time which should help alleviate your burden.

Final Thoughts

No one knows how long this problem of schools being closed will last. However, hopefully, I have shed some light on how to learn from home.


Keep in mind you are not alone and this will require patience and determination to get you and your family through this. It may require you to rethink your career choices.


You may need to discover how to work from home to alleviate the extra financial burden that this pandemic has placed on all of us. I want to leave you with this last thought.


During most life emergencies comes some of the greatest ideas. Once you grasp the fact that you are living in a new normal you will need to change how you approach every day in order to survive.


Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to leave something for you. If you have any experience that you would like to share or want to leave a comment or a question. Leave them below and I will certainly get back in a timely manner.


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Chuck Adkins


  1. This was so interesting to read Chuck, you really have your finger on the pulse which is not surprising with your little boy. It’s great that you get first-hand experience at trying to juggle your work with the needs of educating a child. I can only imagine how difficult it can get sometimes with distractions.

    Like yourself, I have felt that our way of educating in schools is flawed and since my school days, it has only become worse. Much of what children are being taught is becoming obsolete as they learn it and there isn’t enough time taken on basics anymore. Reading, writing, maths, and science I think need to be focused on with tastes of other skills then let them specialize into a chosen interest. Redesign the system so that they are not just sitting down all day learning by rote. My two cents.

    • I agree it is time to update what we teach our children. With all the technology around today, we need to teach kids as kill that will them in the future, not the past. Thank you

  2. This is literally what I needed! My little siblings need to stay on top of things and they need to start learning more, their school is still closed and I don’t know why but I have been trying to find something for them to use to learn but I have not been able to find it up until I ran into this article. Thank you so much for this information

    • You’re so welcome. I am glad I could help. I hope your kids are back to school soon. Thanks for reading and sharing

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