Make Your Business Profit With A Small Business Branding Strategy

Make Your Business Profit With A Small Business Branding Strategy

Hi Friends, today I want to talk about how to increase your profits with a small business branding strategy.

Branding is easy if you have a large corporation with deep pockets. However, as a small business, you need to control your spending as much as possible.

This means, in most cases, branding and advertising are usually left out in the cold. However, it is extremely important to create your brand in order to set your business apart from your competitors.

So, how do you brand on a budget? I have come up with some inexpensive strategies to brand your business that will help increase your profits.

Keep reading and let’s get your business ahead of your competition.

Describe Your Business

Can you describe your business in 3 words.? The first step in branding your business is to have a direction to go.

Take some time and come with 3 words that best describe your business. Go ahead I will wait.

These three words will help you determine your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Need some help? I will use a lawncare business as an example.

Let’s call my business Jon’s Lawncare. So the 3 words that I will use to describe this business is “lawncare who cares” Now I know this is lame, however, it will work for this example.

When you describe your business to someone what is your elevator speech?

In case you have never heard of this before an elevator speech is what you would say to someone if they asked you what you do on the first floor of the elevator.

You should be able to describe your business in full by the time the elevator reaches the top floor or in about 60 seconds.

Who is Your Target?

Do you know who is your target audience? By determining who your audience is you can better pinpoint how you are going to approach them.

Now, this may sound obvious however, it is really easy to get caught in everything and forget who you are targeting.

Just for the record, everyone is not your target audience even though you want everyone to do business with you.

Imagine your ideal customer. Take some time and write down exactly how you picture your ideal customer looks. How does he or she dress? How old are they?

What kind of income and education do you think they have? What is their gender? Once you have a clear picture of what your target audience looks and acts like.

Search for a picture of them online on Google. Print the picture of your ideal customer. Keep in mind you are not looking to stereotype anyone.

However, you are looking for a visual representation of your ideal customer. By having a picture you can visually see what you need to do as a branding strategy to cater to this person.

What Makes You Different?


Now it is time to determine what sets you apart from everyone else? Why would your ideal customer want to do business with you?

Depending on your type of business chances are you have some competition. You have to set yourself apart from your competition.

Determine what you do better. The best way to answer this question is to truly ask yourself this question. Would you do business with you and why? 

This a tough question if you can answer honestly. Your why is what makes you different. That difference is what you will use to set up your branding strategy.

So let’s go back to my lawn care business if you remember I came up with 3 lame words to describe this business “lawncare that cares”.

Now, what could Jon use as a strategy that would make him stand out? After all, lawn care businesses are pretty common.

So what if Jon started a blog to show his customers how to maintain their lawns. Or may Jon has someone that works for him that has a special skill.

He could capitalize on that skill to stand out. You can see where I am going with this. Take some time to find what makes you different and capitalize on it.

Time To Be Seen


Now it is time to start designing your brand. You have already discovered who you are, who you are looking to target, and what sets you apart from the rest.

Now it is time to start designing your brand. Let’s start with a logo. A logo is the first step in branding. when designing your logo start with color. What are the main colors of your business?

They need to be incorporated into your logo. Pick a font you would want to be associated with your company. You will use this logo on everything that has to do with your company.

So, now that you have a nicely designed logo a business card is the next thing you will want to design. Remember the three words to describe your business from earlier.

Now is when this will come to play. Utilize those 3 words in your business card as well as your logo. Also, don’t forget to use the same colors and fonts that you chose for your business card.

That leaves us with a website. If you already have a website that’s great.

However, does the website still fit your business now that you have discovered the who and what of your business? If not that’s ok it can be fixed.

If you don’t have a website now you know where to start.


SME (Subject Matter Expert)

I mentioned earlier in my lawn care business that Jon should start a blog to help his customers.

This would give someone the idea that Jon is an expert in lawn care.

The same goes for you. By reviewing your products in a blog or giving your customers information that will help them, they will look to you as an expert in your field.

Therefore your customers will turn to you for advice and also use your business.

The more help you can offer your customers the more they will trust you and not only will they use your business they will recommend you to their friends.

Get Social

My last small business branding strategy is social media. Now, I realize that you are probably on social media all the time.

However, spending an hour looking at cat videos is not utilizing social media to your advantage. Sure, the cat videos are cute and you need to sometimes take a break for that type of entertainment.

But, do your friends on social media know what you do for a living? If not, now is a good time to make your presence known.

Start by getting people to like your business page. Also, be on more than one platform. Use social media to promote your blog and website.

Do not pay to boasts your post this is a waste of money. There is a better way to run ads on FaceBook than boasting your page.

Your business page should have the same color scheme as your website. and don’t forget to include your logo on everything you post. This will provide brand recognition to your customers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are several things you can do that are inexpensive to create your brand.

Branding strategies are important to any business. If you can incorporate any of these suggestions into your business you will have a leg up on most of your competition because chances are they are not branding their business.

When you incorporate all of these small business branding strategies you will certainly grow your business.

Well, that is all for today I want to thank you for reading and I hope I was able to leave something for you.

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If you have any experience that you would like to share or want to leave a comment or a question.

Leave them below and I will certainly get back in a timely manner.

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