The Company LegalShield Review 2021: Is It a Legitimate Company?

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The Company LegalShield Review 2021: Is It a Legitimate Company?

LegalShield Reviews

Is Legal Shied a Legit Company? Read this review to find out.


Nothing in life stays constant, other than change. And when we talk about money, things can sometimes change abruptly and sometimes for the worst.


You may face an accident while driving to work and spend the next seven months following up on a lawsuit. For that, you can add a thousand-dollars check to your little black book of accounts!


Similarly, dealing with litigation for divorce or adoption is a tedious process, and you may have to spend an unpredictable amount. On the other hand, when you plan to start a new business, it is quite common to face stressful legal issues for both you and your pocket.


But have you ever thought of how you can deal with these issues without a reliable attorney? That’s what LegalShield is there for. But what exactly can they do for you?


LegalShield is popular as a firm that handles complex family legal problems. It also provides immediate legal solutions related to your business. In any business, legal issues should be solved as a top priority.


Let’s have a detailed discussion about what LegalShield is all about and how it can prove beneficial for your business.

Introduction to LegalShield


Let’s talk about LegalShield, which is working as the American Association. This platform sells various legal services within major multi-level marketing projects in the US and Canada. In 1972 it started working.


The founder’s name is Harland Stonecipher. Its headquarter is located in Ada, Oklahoma.


LegalShield offers economical, legal services for small businesses & individuals. They charge their clients per month subscription fees instead of hourly fees. In this way, you will solve your personal and business matters with proper legal guidance.





Harland Stonecipher

Founded Year



Ada, Oklahoma, United States


Legal research, pre-trial work, Trial defense services


iPhone & Android Devices


Phone, Email

Official Website


What kind of Services does LegalShield provide?

LegalShield provides legal advice and representation to families, individuals, and businesses. It covers different aspects of the law, such as personal matters or business disputes.

Few popular services of LegalShield are:

Estate planning

Attorneys will prepare wills to determine the accurate distribution of assets and property after your demise. They will also arrange power of attorney or living will if you cannot provide informed consent.

speeding ticket

Family law

Offers representation for annulments, adoption, divorce, or uncontested separation

IRS audit services

You can also get legal advice related to your tax return issues. Members will also receive some pre-trial representation for the settlement conferences and legal counsel for certain trial appearances.

upload files

Trial defense

Plus, you can have legal representation for yourself or your partner in a civil suit.

Debt collection services

An attorney will also help you send a collection of letters related to your business-owned debts.

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Working Process of LegalShield

Besides paying an attorney with an hourly fee, you can register yourself for a monthly subscription for legal assistance. They will cover most of the scenarios which require legal services.


But if your condition is a little exotic, then you do have a choice to pick a professional attorney at 25% off over their standard hourly rate.


You can get easy access to legal forms, have all your documents reviewed by the attorney, or find solutions to your legal matters.

Does LegalShield Offer a free trial?

No! It does not offer a free trial, but it allows you to cancel your membership without any inconvenience. Upon cancellation, LegalShield will instantly refund your monthly fee.

What are the Benefits of LegalShield?

On average, an attorney will charge you around $150-$400 per hour. Through LegalShield, you can hire a professional attorney at a low monthly fee.


LegalShield also offers business launch packages with which you can begin your business effectively. Through “member perks,” all LegalShield members can also earn some cash on services and used products. According to your business needs, you can pick a plan with the most acceptable value and advanced options.

mobile app

Does LegalShield have a Mobile App?

Yes, your service and business comes with a free mobile app and it is compatible with Android & iOS

Is LegalShield 100% Legit?

LegalShield is although a 100% legitimate organization offering its best services in 50 States of the U.S and almost 4 different Canadian Provinces. It even associates itself with well-known law firms to deliver excellent solutions for your legal questions or legal assistance.


More than 3.2 million members have availed of the services of LegalShieldfor different sorts of legal matters. They have around 900 professional attorneys and 38 law firms.

In the LegalShield Business solutions, attorneys are all the time responsive and provide excellent solutions to various legal problems.

How can you register on LegalShield?

If you want to be a LegalShield associate, you have to sign up by entering your details. After signing up, you can quickly sell LegalShield plans and earn a high commission. Activate your account right now.

Individual plans cost around $17.95 per month, whereas family plans start at $19.95. Trial defense supplements and home business are also included in these plans.

To prevent identity theft, LegalShield offers access to ID Sheild. It costs around $9.95 per month for individuals and families; it is available at $19.95 per month.

LegalShield Launch packages cost around $99 Which includes all those elements you need to start your own business, such as legal plans and debts.


If you want to be a LegalShield associate, you have to sign up by entering your details. After signing up, you can quickly sell LegalShield plans and earn a high commission. Activate your account right now.


LegalShield offers various plan categories with different prices based on your business needs and legal help. All your legal work will be supervised by a law firm controlled under LegalShield’s network.

LegalShield Business Plan

You can also join their community through the LegalShield membership. Enter all your personal information in Legalshield associate login, and your account will be activated.


Once your account is activated, a LegalShield attorney will contact you in few hours to discuss your legal issues. Your attorney will review all your business documents and file them under the State law.

After the approval of your documents, your business will be ready to start. A business plan is divided into different levels, namely:

  • Associate

  • Senior Associate

  • Manager

  • Senior manager

  • Director

  • Senior Director

  • Executive Director

At the “associate” level, you can easily earn $65.16 for the direct sales and around $13.04 for the sales under your downline. “Executive Director” is the top level. At this level, you can easily earn $182.46 for direct sales and more than $117.30 for the sales which are under your downline.


LegalShieldcompensation plan is following the advancement system. An associate can easily earn $100 per membership sale.

You can earn bigger advances once you become a senior associate. As a Senior Associate, you can easily earn $120 per membership sale, whereas a Director can earn $140 and so on.


Senior Associates can also earn between $20 to $50. They are quick enough with their response to your queries in just an hour.

LegalShield Pricing

LegalShield has different prices based on the business and personal service they offer to the individuals. Their small business packages are available in three different varieties, namely:

  • Small Biz 10 – for the small businesses having 10 or fewer employees

  • Small Biz 50 – for the companies having 50 or fewer employees

  • Small Biz 100 – for the businesses having 100 or fewer employees

All the above plans start at $39, $89, and $149 per month. As your business starts to grow, your legal needs will increase as well. It will also raise the amount you pay to LegalShield.


Small Biz 50 and Small Biz 100 are available with services of trial defense. You might be receiving some more features which depend on the size and cost of your business.


Small Biz 10 plan offers 20 document reviews per year, whereas Small Biz 100 presents you with 40 document reviews. You can check up-to-date information about the latest packages and their prices from LegalShield’s official website.

How much does LegalShield cost?





Personal Plan

·  Get unlimited advice on the phone for various personal legal issues.

· Lawyers can also review personal legal documents of around 15 pages.

· Plus, Lawyers can also write a letter or make a phone call from your side.

·  $24.95 monthly for the majority of states

· $17 monthly in the NV

·$15.95 monthly in the NY

·Home business supplement

· Trial defense

· Gun owners supplement

· 25% off on any service which is not covered under your plan

Small Business Legal Plan

· Get legal counseling on unlimited issues

· Entitled to around three annual telephone consultations with any lawyer who is specialized in that area of law

·$39 monthly, based on the number of employees

· Offers business consulting or tools to set-up your business

Commercial Driver Plan

· Legal advice & representation for major traffic accidents or driving violations.

· $32.95 monthly, with an enrollment fee of $25

· Extra coverage for ay hazardous materials or oversize vehicles.

Identity Theft Plan

· Monitoring of Identity theft

· Around $1 million to assist you in restoring your identity

·$12.95 monthly

·Monitors your entire credit profile and identified three major credit bureaus.

Alternatives to LegalShield

It’s no doubt LegalShield is one of the most comprehensive services of online legal matters, but still, you have various alternatives to consider.


LegalZoom and RocketLawyer are the two best alternatives that you should consider before any conclusion. These two platforms are excellent for setting up your business entities, such as incorporation or LLC filing.


Plus, you can also avail their services of quick legal help. Both of them have similar services and pricing packages.


But as we compare these two platforms with LegalShield, then LegalShield wins the competition due to its instant 24/7 emergency support through the mobile app.


For any legal assistance with business formation, you can also consider the platform of incfile.com,


  • Offers coverage for the whole family where your partner and kids are also covered under the personal plan.

  • 24/7 emergency service is also given. You can directly speak to an attorney on the emergency line if you have faced any car accident or are detained by authorities.

  • Providing legal form documents for personal use and to small businesses


  • The waiting period is quite long. Divorce services will require membership of around 90 days. LegalShield will take almost 24 hours to review your submitted application and 4 hours to communicate with an attorney.

  • Extra add-ons will get costly. If the basic plan is not covering your specific situation, you have to 75% of your attorney’s hourly rate.

  • Attorneys are also assigned. LegalShield will give you a lawyer based on your legal requirements. You will work with a similar law firm each time, but your attorney will be different.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. How can you cancel LegalShield?

You can easily cancel your membership by phone or by sending an email. LegalShield only accepts the cancellation in written format, which takes a few months to process.


2. Does LegalShield hire their attorneys?

No, they work with some well-known independent law firms.


3. Does your plan cover all pre-existing situations?

Yes, the plan covers all essential pre-existing solutions, but it has some exceptions. For instance, you should have an active membership.

Final Thoughts

To get a quick response from a lawyer, LegalShield is the best option. For affordable monthly charges, you can easily access a professional lawyer at a well-known law firm.

LegalShield will provide you with targeted help on specific problems of your small business like debt collection. Simply put, LegalShield offers affordable and reliable legal assistance whenever and wherever needed.


Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to leave something for you. If you have any experience that you would like to share or want to leave a comment or a question. Leave them below and I will certainly get back in a timely manner.


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Chuck Adkins


  1. Hi Chuck, thanks for your review for LegalShield! I think this is a very interesting concept – having round-the-clock emergency legal access for so many avenues in life. I particularly like the fact that it offers coverage for the whole family under a single plan – very attractive feature! The waiting period is definitely long, but if you have this for years, I guess a 90-day cool-down period isn’t so bad! 

    • The 90 days is basically for divorce and existing issues. other than that you have coverage as soon as you sign up. If you are interested I can show you how this can earn a residue income 

  2. My previous employer (a financial advisor) offered Legal Shield to his clients.  After I signed up and used it on several occasions I found it to be a useful service, well worth the monthly cost  In many instances, simply knowing you can talk to an attorney about your situation is a bonus that is beyond compare as you can explore your legal right and options.  I recommend it 100%!

  3. I was looking and thinking ‘oooh this is sounding good, I could do with something like this in my life’ then, US and Canada…. oh well. It was interesting to hear the average is $150 to $400 for an attorney,  but when it says Legal shield gives a lower fee it doesn’t provide any averages. How much lower? Does sound like a great idea, need one of these in the UK

    • Depending on what issue is. Consultations through legal shield are part of the program. In most cases, the lawyer will write a letter on your behalf. If you require more in-depth services you will get a 25% discount. I hope this helps answer your question. Thanks for reading

  4. Reviews Like these are usually very nice and are like gold in periods like these when are on the increase and scammers as well. Everybody are online now and so many platforms out there offering so many things can make the naive ones like us be misled. Thanks for sharing this here

  5. Hello Chuck, there have been a very wise range of bad decisions around when it has to do with legal matters and it’s truly sad when you make such mistakes and could be fined for it. Getting legal advise is a smart idea and for the fact that legal shied has made it that easy for anyone to easily access a body that give you legal advice is top of the list. 

  6. Thank you for the review here and it seems a lot like something that I could make best use of here. This legalshiled has so much Kore to offer that I feel I can really beneeift from making use of this here. Thanks so much for sharing all these here with us and it hcan really be the difference in the long run for us. Thanks

    • Thank you Liza I would like to discuss the product and a way to make a passive income with you if you are interested let me know.

  7. Howdy Chuck!  Well A big thank you for your honest and detailed review! Thanks for sharing this, it is really well constructed. This happens to be my first time hearing about The Company Legalshield. There is no doubt that it is a good platform to get reliable lawyers at affordable rate. I would keep an eye out for it

    • Thank Josh for reading if you need to know more about the product or you are interested in becoming an affiliate let me know

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