Tubebuddy Review – Why Do You Need This For Youtube Now

Tubebuddy Review – Why Do You Need This For Youtube Now

Hi friends, today I want to review Tubebuddy. So, you may be asking yourself first what the heck is Tubebuddy, and second, why do I need it?


As you may know, reality TV has become a popular theme over the last few years.

People’s insatiable need to see what others are doing has helped slingshot Youtube to its fame and glory.

Do you have a Youtube channel? If not you are probably thinking about starting one soon.

Get Tubebuddy for Free

It what all the cool kids are doing today.

Ok, back to Tubebuddy, Is it needed and worth the cost?

Keep reading as I break down this company to show you whether it is legit or not.


Tubebuddy Review

Name: Tubebuddy
Website: tubebuddy.com
Price: Free Plan / Pro $7.20 per month / Star $15.20 per month / Legend $39.20 per month
Owners: Phil / Jim / Chuck / Eric
Overall Rank: 98 of 100

Tubebuddy, Product Overview

Tubebuddy is a chrome extension that helps streamlines your video marketing.

This is done with bulk processing and productivity features that allow you to edit your videos faster.

Tubebuddy is also a great video SEO that enhances analytics.

Tubebuddy is a one-stop-shop for all of your YouTube marketing needs that are attached to your browser and open automatically with YouTube Studio.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 By being YouTube Certified this platform will always conform to Youtube, unlike other programs that can become obsolete as YouTube updates.
PRO #2 When you open YouTube studio Tubebuddy opens as well making it super easy to use.
PRO #3 Comprehensive SEO keyword analyzer

The Bad:

CON #1 Tubebusddy only works for one YouTube Chanel Meaning if you have multiple channels you will need to have multiple Tubebuddy accounts.
CON #2 Advanced features like bulk editing are only available with the more expensive plans.

Get Tubebuddy for Free

Who is Tubebuddy For?

Information regarding “who” the audience the product is targeted at and who will benefit from the product

Tubebuddy Tools & Training

With 63 productivity tools, Tubebuddy is not lacking any tools on its platform.

I will break down some popular tools for you as well as show you which pricing the tool is included in. Ready Here we go.

  • Keyword Explorer – Available to all Price Points – The ultimate keyword research tool for YouTube and Google Trends.

Keyword Explorer

  • Tag List – Available to all Price Points – Create and manage centralized lists of tags.

Tag Lists

  • Tag Sorter – Available to all Price Points – Keyword tool to find out which keyword carries the most weight so you can put them at the beginning of your video’s tag list.

Tag Sorter

  •  Thumbnail generator – Available to all Price Points – Create professional-quality thumbnails using still frames from your video and text/image overlays
  • Advanced Video Embed – Available to all Price Plans – Create embed codes with the full list of options for adding videos or playlists to your website

Advance Video Embed

  • Publish to Facebook – Only Available with Star and Legend – Publish your YouTube videos natively to Facebook with just a couple of clicks.

Publish Video to Facebook

  • Insta Suggest – Available to all Price Plans – See tag suggestions in real-time as you type

Insta- Suggest

  • Search Explorer – Available to all Price Plans  – The ultimate search term research tool for YouTube.
Get Tubebuddy for Free

Get your videos ranked higher in search results and ultimately get more views.

Search Explorer

  • SEO Studio – Not Available with Free Plan – Optimize your video metadata for a specific keyword.

SEO Studio

  • Canned Responses – Available to all Price Plans – Use pre-written messages in various areas of YouTube
  • Playlist Actions – Available to all Price Plans – Advanced ordering and filtering options for videos within playlists.

Playlist Actions

  • Emoji Picker – Available to all Price Plans – Add Emojis to your Titles, Tags, and Descriptions.

Emoji Picker

  • Coppa Center – Available to all Price Plans – Learn more about COPPA and quickly identify which videos of yours rated “Made for Kids” by YouTube

COPPA Center

  • Quick Links Menu – Available to all Price Plans – Easily navigates to common areas on YouTube without having to click 17 times.
Get Tubebuddy for Free

Quick Links Menu

  • Best Time To Publish – Available to all Price Plans – Publish videos when your Audience is Most Active.

Best Time to Publish

  • Videolytics – Available to all Price Plans – Access advanced analytics and insights, instantly for any YouTube video.


  • Channel Valuation – Available to all Price Plans – Know your worth. Brand deal valuations via SocialBluebook.com.

Channel Valuation

  • Video A/B Tests – Available on for Legend Plan – Test Titles, Thumbnails, Tags, and Descriptions to find what works best.

Video A/B Tests

  • Video Topic Planner– Available to all Price Plans – Easily manage and get ideas for future video topics.

Video Topic Planner

  • Comment Filter– Available to all Price Plans – Easily manage large amounts of comments using our advanced filtering options.

Comment Filter

  • Demonetization Audit– Available to all Price Plans – Find words in your title, description, or tags that could potentially cause demonetization of your video.

Demonetization Audit

The above list of tools is by far complete. Explanations of Tubebuddy tools is courtesy of tubebuddy.com

Tubebuddy Support

The support section of Tubebuddy is chocked full of tips and tricks videos that should answer most questions or concerns that should come up.

However, there is a way to submit a support ticket should you need any help.

With that said, one of the main complaints concerning Tubebuddy is support reaction is very slow.

So, If you have a problem it might be best to go into the community forums to get your questions answered.


Tubebuddy Price

Aside from the free plan, there are 3 price points.

Most of the tools for the free plan are limited in how many times a day you can use them.

If you are an avid Youtuber or intend to be I would recommend the Star or Legend Plan.

This will ensure that you get every tool you need to compete with the big-time YouTubers.

Tubuddy Pricing

My Final Opinion of Tubebuddy

In my opinion, Tubebuddy is a must for anyone that wants to make a name for themselves on YouTube.

The SEO tools alone are worth the price of the Legend Plan.

I believe if Tubebuddy is utilized to its full potential you can easily start ranking your videos at the top of your niche.


I have to say after using the product that Tubebuddy is a totally legit company and is worth the money.

Get Tubebuddy for Free

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Free Plan / Pro $7.20 per month / Star $15.20 per month / Legend $39.20 per month

Comment Spotlight


Schedule Publish


Scheduled Video Update


Sunset Videos


Card Templates



  • YouTube Certified
  • Easy To Use
  • SEO Video Keyword Analyzer


  • Only 1 Channel Per Account
  • Need to Pay For Advanced Options

Chuck Adkins

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