Wealthy Affiliate Real Or A Scam – Review With Surprise Results

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Today I want to review Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University. The question that I want to answer is Wealthy Affiliate real or a scam. My results might surprise you. I will tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. They have never made this claim. I will explain that in detail later.

But, is it a scam? Or, Is it Real? There are so many ways to answer this question.

You see when I started looking for a way to monetize the investment site that I was fumbling around with.

When I say fumbling, I was spending hours upon hours trying to get the site looking the way I thought it needed to be. Not to mention, the only thing I knew about SEO was that it was important.

I started searching around. I found this blog that talked about Wealthy Affiliates. So curious as I was I started my research.

That is to say, I needed to know why did it seem too good to be true? Could it really be this easy to not only monetize my already existing site But I also found a way to build a basic website in 30 seconds? That is not a typo literally in 30 seconds, not hours upon hours. You won’t believe what it cost me.

Want to know what I found during my search?

Is Wealthy Affiliate as real as they boast? Meaning is training the path to finally making money on the internet. Or, is it just another internet scam trying to take your money?

Table of Contents

Review Details

  • Rating :                            🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇
  • Rated:                              5 0f 5 Stars
  • Reviewed:                       November 7, 2020
  • Website:                          wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Price:                                Free Starter; $49 Premium; $99 Premium+ per month
  • Training:                         Top-Notch, Easy to Follow
  • Support:                          Fast and Available 24/7
  • Recommendation:        Highly Recommended

What is Wealthy Affiliate

To start with, let me say what Wealthy Affiliate is not. It is not a get rich scheme. See I told you I would get to it.

It takes time to build any business worth having. No one ever got to the top overnight without putting in the work to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way that the founders Kyle and Carson had already experienced success.

Since 2005, the online business university platform at WA has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate is built around a community of over 200,000 members that care for your success. It is truly like a family.

The Best Way to Makey Money Online

After using this system personally. I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to seriously work from home. The proven training is designed with the new user in mind. This training includes one-on-coaching which is powerful. Click on the button below to copy the exact methods used by thousands of online marketers

Who can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate?

Because the community is so diverse it is almost easier to tell you who can not benefit from using the Wealthy Affiliate platform. But I guess that would be too easy.

If you have ever wanted to earn money, be it part-time or full time, on the internet, Wealthy Affiliate is probably for you.

Whether you are advanced and have already made millions online or if you are a beginner like I was and don’t even know what SEO is. You can succeed with your business utilizing the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The training is so up to date and easy to follow step by step process. Below are just a few audiences that can benefit:

  • Stay-at-Home parents wanting to earn their own money
  • People who were laid off from work
  • Anyone looking to make an extra income from a side hustle
  • Bloggers who would like start making money from their blogs
  • Local business owners wanting to have a stronger online presence
  • Local business owners that need to get a better understanding of SEO and site-building
  • People trying to learn everything about affiliate marketing and its best strategies
  • Retired Military, Police Officers, Teachers, or any retiree that want a better income
  • Working individuals who need more income to pay their bills
  • People wanting to quit their 9-5 jobs to have the freedom they’ve always dreamed
  • Realtors, Brokers, Real estate Investors, and even Loan Originators
  • Web enthusiasts wanting to build their first websites
  • The list is never-ending

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Wikipedia describes affiliate marketing as: “a type of performance-based marketing I which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”.

However, if you own a business and you are attempting to sell a product or a service then technically you are an affiliate marketer. The only difference is it is your marketing efforts that make the sale.

Price Structure

Try it For Free

The free membership is a basic starter kit to get you a website and to teach you the basics with 10 Free classes. The wealthy affiliate real or scamsupport level is there for the first 7 days. After the 7-day period is up you will not have access to any of the live help.

Premium Membership

If you upgrade to the premium membership, you get a great deal on web hosting and training additions, plus much more. See the comparison chart below.

A Premium Membership is $49.00 per month or you can save 16% by committing to a one-year membership

Premium Plus Membership * New Level

The brand new level that just started this month is the Premium Plus Membership. The cost for this membership is $49.00 for the first month then the price jumps to $99.00 a month.

You get a lot more access to the program by upgrading to the Premium Plus Level. One main benefit is you can now have up to 50 Premium Websites. Just his benefit alone is worth the price of the upgrade.

Main differences Between Starter and Premium


Online Entrepreneur

Wealthy Affiliate real or -online training

The Online Entrepreneur Certification is where it all starts. If you choose the starter program, which by the way, is where most people start off, you get the first phase for free (10 lessons).

This course is a series of 5 phases( 50 lessons) that walks you through the process of creating and growing a business within any niche that you want.


That is to say, the lessons are simple to follow with steps that must be completed in order to move through the training.

When you have completed the first phase you will have a fully functioning website online.


Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp takes things up a notch, this is a 7 phase (70 lessons) series designed around creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. It is based on the same format as the Online Entrepreneur course.

Training Headquarters

Training HQ as it is known is the library of all libraries when it comes to online training for a business. Since the inception of Wealthy Affiliate Members of been providing training based on their own experiences to other members. As a result, the library of training grows daily.

However, in order to access this training, you must upgrade to at least the Premium level. But, think about being able to pick the brain of someone who is successful in the affiliate world for no additional cost other than the monthly membership fee.