Why Is eXp Realty LLC Becoming So Popular With Realtors?

Why Is eXp Realty LLC Becoming So Popular With Realtors?

Hi, there friends, today I want to discuss eXp Realty LLC and why so many agents across the globe are flocking to work for eXp Realty.

First, as of Dec 14, 2020, eXp Realty has grown to over 40,000 agents worldwide. I will explain why that is important later so keep reading.

eX Realty

If you are a real estate agent I am sure that you have heard of eXp. And, I will bet someone has mentioned the benefits of becoming an agent with eXp.

Ever wonder why so many agents try to recruit you? Well, hopefully, I can answer that question and any other questions you might have about eXp Realty LLC.

I will be straight up with you. I am a Realtor for eXp and I have been for over 2 years. So, if you are wondering what all the hype is about let’s get started.

Virtual Workspace

Did you become a Real Estate agent to sit behind a desk and answer phones in your spare time? Or, were you looking to set your own hours and work for yourself?

Personally, I left the corporate world to work for myself. I wanted to work from home. You can say that you do that with another brokerage.

But do you really have full control of your time? That is to say, you still need to go to the office whether it be for meetings, desk duty, or paperwork.

With that said, eXp is 100% virtual. there is no desk duty, no desk fees, and no meetings that you must attend in person.

You work for yourself but you are never by yourself. I will explain what I mean by you are never by yourself in a few minutes.

I’m sure you remember scrambling to figure out how to continue your business when the recent pandemic started.

Since everyone was on lockdown how could you meet with clients and show them houses?

Well, eXp was already working virtually before the pandemic, and as a large community, eXp was already prepared to meet clients virtually.

Live Training

As realtors, we all know that training is important. In fact, we are required to complete so many hours a year for Continuing Education (CE) each year to remain active.

While EXP does not offer CE, they do provide access to over 50 hours a week of live training that is held in their virtual world know as eXp World.

Training covers many things such as lead generation, tips on sales, social media, and most any other topic that you need to enhance your business.

Most sessions are recorded to allow you to view them at any time.

Furthermore, new agents coming onboard to eXp Realty are given a curriculum that is required to be completed no matter how long you have been an agent.

This onboard curriculum is designed to get you started the right way as soon as possible which ensures your success. Everyone at eXp wants you to succeed.

Your success as an agent at eXp means success for the entire company.

Real-Time Support

eXp World

All meetings are conducted inside the World as well as any support that you need.

For example, if you are having computer issues of any kind even issues not related to eXp they have a tech department standing by to help 24/7. Someone is available to answer any questions you have 24/7.

You can not find that kind of support from any brokerage.  One of the best features of eXp is that you can get help without having to pay for it.

Here is what I mean. Because everyone owns the company they are willing to help because they know if do well they profit as well.

Agents Are Share Holders

eXp Virtual Business Office

If you become an agent with eXp you are considered a shareholder.

You can elect to have 5% of your commissions go towards a stock purchase in the company.

Once you CAP at $16000 not only do you get 100% commissions at the end of your year that $16000.00 comes back to you as a stock purchase for you.

So, you are building a retirement as you grow your business.

Larger Commissions

eXp offers 80% commission to the agent up until you CAP at $16000.00 then your commission rate is 100% for the remaining of your year. Your year is your anniversary date of when you joined eXp.

No Overhead

If you are an agent then I don’t have to mention desk fees to you. eXp does not charge a monthly desk fee. However there is an $85 a month technology fee that covers your personal website, your CRM, and all of the technology eXp has.

Revenue Share

As an eXp agent, you automatically qualify to get a revenue share income for any agent that you recruit into the company. eXp pays this share, not the agent.

So, the more agents that you have working for you the more monthly income you have without selling homes.

For example, let’s say you have 5 agents that you have recruited from all over the country or any country the eXp is working in.

If you have a bad month and the agents below you have a good month you will still bring in an income from revenue share.

Health Care

Because eXp is such a larger community you have an insurance option that is provided by the company.

This is not something that you have to go out and find for yourself.

The insurance package is sponsored by eXp Realty LLC. eXp introduced this very affordable health care in 2019.

Final Thoughts

Information Available

As you can see I have laid out many of the reasons that top agents and brokers are moving to eXp.

I know one agent that sold his Remax franchise 1 year early which cost them thousands in penalties just to join eXp.

Not only did they give up their brokerage they were able to recruit all of the agents that worked for them at Remax.

This means they were still benefiting from profits as a broker without the overhead and problems through the revenue share that eXp Realty offers.

If you are interested in becoming an eXp agent or still have questions about why everyone is moving to eXp realty LLC leave a comment below and I will gladly answer any question you have and help you to get started with eXp.

Thank you for reading and I hope I was able to leave something for you.

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By for now, look for other articles to come soon.


If you have any experience that you would like to share or want to leave a comment or a question.

Leave them below and I will certainly get back in a timely manner.

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Chuck Adkins


  1. I find the live trainings are a HUGE bonus. I love that they offer so many different types too, not just real-estate specific things. Generating leads, social media management, an other topics to help grow your business can be essential to growing your business and generate more income, and are exactly what I need to improve. I find that this is a weak spot for many people, especially older ones. The higher commissions and building of stock are also vital, having a stock portfolio being built in is a fantastic way to ensure future security. Great post, will definitely look into this further!

    • Hi Alex, Thank you for your comment and for reading my post. eXp is a great all-around company to work with.  You did not mention if you were a realtor. If so and you would like more information about what they offer follow this link 


  2. Hello there! This is a very informative article! I myself am not a realtor and I don’t really know much about this topic. I do kind of know that this is a a business that is quite popular these days especially with passive income and all that. I do have a couple friends who are into that business though. I’m going to be forward this article to them if you don’t mind. Thanks for creating this!

    • Hi Mike, Thanks for reading and your comment. I would appreciate it very much if you would forward to anyone that you would like.

  3. HI there Chuck! 

    I am in the same boat and I like that you are trying to share this with people. I have been in the piping industry for 30 years and have an exellent career. I to am doing everything I can to diversify my income. I don’t have too many years left before I am able to retire. It would be nice if I could suplement my income with through other avenues and maybe make that happen a bit sooner! 

    One you have mentioned here is online marketing. I have been using the Wealthy Affiliate platform for a while now and it seems to be going in the right direction. If this continues to expand in the way it should I will be able to retire before I turn 50. 

    If you guys jump on this train and provide the steam to motivate it, it can heppen to you too! 

    Good stuff man! 



    • Hey Chad thanks for your comment and your story. No one said it was easy but if it were easy everyone would do it. The problem everyone can do it if they push through. Thanks, good luck with your retirement.

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